All Instructors Are Former Police Officers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers from Cantor's Driving School


Question: Do I have to to come to your office for lessons?

Answer: No. Our instructors come to you. We offer pick up and drop off from home, school or work.

Question: Are there other students in the car while I'm getting a driving lesson?

Answer: Absolutely not. All training is one-on one-instruction - one student with one instructor.

Question: What car is used for driver training lessons?

Answer: All training is done in a Cantor's Driving School car that is equipped with a brake and rear view mirror on the instructor's side.

Question: Are parents allowed to accompany the student during training?

Answer: Yes, parents are allowed to sit in the back quietly and just observe the lesson.

Question: Do I get a certificate after training is done to help save on car insurance?

Answer: Yes, all students that complete a minimum of 6 hours of training receive a certificate of completion.

Question: Are all instructors state-certified and background checked?

Answer: Absolutely! All instructors go through a rigorous process that includes an extensive background check, testing, and state certification.

Question: Do you offer lessons 7 days a week? What about evening lessons?

Answer: Yes we provide training 7 days a week. Evening lessons are also available and are an important part of the learning experience.

Question: Are female instructors available?

Answer: Currently there are no female instructors available.

Question: Can I use the Cantor's Driving School car for the state driver's exam?

Answer: Yes. All Plus Packages include having Cantor's Driving School schedule the exam and accompany student to the road test location in a Cantor's Driving School car.

Question: Is there a cancellation charge?

Answer: Yes. Any last minute cancellation (less than 24 hours in advance) or appointment no-shows are subject to a $75 cancellation charge.

Question: I'm over 18 . Do I still need a learner's/instruction permit to take lessons?

Answer: Yes. Everyone must have a valid learner's permit to take training.

Question: What are the requirements to get a learner's permit / instruction permit?

Answer: Go to the Resources page and these requirements / laws are described there.

Question: Are the training vehicles fully insured and licensed?

Answer: Yes. We have the required insurance to be compliant with state laws.

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