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Cantor’s Driving School’s Experienced, Expert Instructors

Cantor’s Driving School instructors are the very best in Las Vegas NV / Clark County Nevada. All instructors know how teens, adults and seniors learn to drive, so we customize our teaching approaches to our students. All Cantor’s Driving School instructors have clean driving records, child abuse clearances, have passed criminal background checks and been fingerprinted.

All Cantor’s Driving School instructors are Nevada state-certified and former police officers.

Cantor’s Driving School has taught over 50,000 people how to drive – The Driving School That Gets Results®

Employment for Driving Instructors

Cantor’s Driving School is always looking for good driving instructors. Call us at 702-985-7993 to inquire about current opportunities, or send an email with your resume to

All Instructors Are Nevada State-Certified

Every Cantor’s Driving School instructor is certified by the State of Nevada after completing a rigorous process, including:

  • Certificate of Employment must be completed in full and signed by the applicant and a principal of the business.
  • Personal History Questionnaire completed in full.
  • Applicant photograph
  • Fingerprinting – applicants must be fingerprinted by an authorized DMV representative or a law enforcement agency.
  • Driving school instructor disclaimer completed and signed by applicant.
  • A resume that summarizes the applicant’s education, experience, certification as an instructor and fitness for the position.
  • Proof that the applicant possesses a valid driver’s license issued by the stateo of Nevada. Behind-the-wheel instructor must submit evidence that he/she has possessed, for at least 5 years, a driver’s license of the classification necessary for the type of vehicle in which he/she will be giving instruction. Has no more than two (2) moving traffic violations in past 24 months, has not been suspended or revoked within the past three (3) years and has no convictions involving alcohol or controlled substances within the past three (3) years.
  • Pass a written examination administered by the Nevada DMV, with a score of at least 80%.
  • Behind-the-wheel instructor must also pass a practical demonstration of driving ability with a score of at least 80%. The driving skills test is administered by the Nevada DMV.
  • Education requirements: proof of a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Source: Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (

Meet Our Driving Instructors

Joseph M.

Joseph is a retired Sheriff’s Deputy and Training Officer. He specialized in traffic investigation and was awarded numerous accommodations. After retiring he became a security supervisor for corporate executives and nightclubs in NY. He enjoys martial arts and has a black belt. Joseph enjoys golfing and bowling.

Richard Bradley

Richard is a recently retired Law Enforcement Officer from Las Vegas. Richard started his career as a Security Policeman in the United States Air Force and after serving for 8 years he moved to Las Vegas and was hired by the City of Las Vegas as a Deputy City Marshal. During his 27 years of service he became his unit’s lead instructor in several high liability areas such as: Use of Force, Side Handle Baton, Defensive Tactics and (Richard’s favorite assignment) Emergency Vehicle Operations. Richard became his department’s EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course) Instructor in 1997 where his training included a three week instructor course with Nevada’s POST Academy in Carson City and a week long instructor course with the San Bernardino’s Sheriffs Department.

Richard taught in many of the Southern Nevada Law Enforcement Academies and conducted in-service classes for veteran officers in his and other departments in Southern Nevada. Richard and another officer created a Defensive Driving Class for City of Las Vegas employees which became mandatory for all city employees who were involved in a preventable vehicle accident while driving a city vehicle. The course received such high praise that city officials required all employees to attend the class every three years. Richard prides himself as being a good communicator, professional, knowledgeable, patient and he loves to teach.

Richard Thomas Dorsey

Richard is a native of Tacoma Washington, has also lived in Pittsburgh, Germany, and Colorado, and now lives in Las Vegas. His law enforcement career was from 1997 to 2018 at the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, retiring as a Deputy Sheriff.

Lavanita Burke

Lavanita is a retired Detroit Police Officer who worked for several different entities in the Detroit Police Department, including Vice, Narcotics, the Tactical Mobile Unit, and other plain clothes entities. She received several awards during her tenure, which included a life saving award for a barricaded gunman scenario. Lavanita relocated to Las Vegas in 2015 after her retirement from the Detroit Police Department. She currently enjoys CrossFit training. She trains a minimum of five days a week and also has an interest in boxing and krav maga.

Matt O’Brien

Originally from Massachusetts, Matt enlisted in the United States Air Force (USAF) in 1980 at the age of 17. He served 6 years as a Security Policeman in the USA, Holland, and Turkey. Matt is certified on the operation of several vehicles that include emergency, street, off-road and armored vehicles. He retired from active duty service in 1986 with an honorable discharge. After the USAF, Matt worked as an outside mobile Security Officer for Circus Circus enterprises, a Corrections Officer for Nevada Department of Prison as an officer and transfer officer, and with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. With the Las Vegas PD he held several positions: Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer (responsible for the direct one-on-one way training of new officers), and in the traffic section, where his primary role was the enforcement of traffic laws and the investigation of traffic accidents. He was also certified as a Crisis Intervention Officer, whose main role is dealing with people who are in the midst of a mental illness problem. Matt enjoys working out at the gym and teaching his own daughter how to drive.

Michael Thomas

Michael is a retired Police Officer with more than twenty-six years of Law Enforcement experience. He was a Deputy Sheriff in Los Angeles County, where he also worked as a Training Officer, Traffic Officer, and was head of the Crime Prevention Bureau. In 1993, Michael moved to Las Vegas where he worked for the North Las Vegas Police Department as a Police Officer, Training Officer and headed up their Accreditation Bureau, revamping the Department’s policies including the use of force. Michael ended his career in law enforcement with the Clark County School District Police Department, where he worked as a Police Officer, Training Officer and was medically retired after being injured on duty saving the life of a high school student. Michael has received numerous awards for bravery in the line of duty after having been involved in two shootings and was honored by the City of Los Angles and the City of West Hollywood for saving the life of an elderly gentlemen using CPR and for apprehending three, armed bank robbery suspects. Hi is certified by the State of Nevada to teach report writing to law enforcement officers, and he had been certified as a Drug Recognition Expert and Traffic Accident Investigator.

Michael has been married to his wife Diane for 35 years, has two daughters: Nicole, who attends UNLV, and Rachel, who is in high school. They have two dogs and a cat that actually run the household.

Yessika Acosta

Yessika is an enthusiastic, multi-skilled professional who brings a winning mentality to any team or customer. With over 18 years of proven law enforcement in the field, starting with Corrections for a minimum to maximum women’s prison, Yessika then went on to become a police officer. During her time of service as a police officer she learned first responders driver’s training (Emergency Vehicle Operator Course, EVOC), became familiar with the Nevada Revised Statues and federal laws, made contacts and arrests and was a huge proponent of community policing. Yessika values the community volunteering spirit and has volunteered her time – working with children as a camp counselor for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, was a camp counselor for the Ronald McDonald Summer of Healing camp as a counselor for sexually abused girls, and has been a Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) volunteer. During her time as a trauma volunteer she responded to the community in times of need and crisis which helped immensely when working as a police officer. Yessika speaks Spanish and English. She has worked with people of all skill levels and diverse socio-economic positionse.

Employment for Driving Instructors

Cantor’s Driving School is always looking for good driving instructors. Call us at 702-985-7993 to inquire about current opportunities, or send an email with your resume to