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Cantor’s Driving School’s Experienced, Expert Instructors

Cantor’s Driving School instructors are the very best in Las Vegas NV / Clark County Nevada. All instructors know how teens, adults and seniors learn to drive, so we customize our teaching approaches to our students. All Cantor’s Driving School instructors have clean driving records, child abuse clearances, have passed criminal background checks and been fingerprinted.

All Cantor’s Driving School instructors are Nevada state-certified and former police officers.

Cantor’s Driving School has taught over 100,000 people how to drive – The Driving School That Gets Results®

Employment for Driving Instructors

Cantor’s Driving School is always looking for good driving instructors. Call us at 702-985-7993 to inquire about current opportunities, or send an email with your resume to

All Instructors Are Nevada State-Certified

Every Cantor’s Driving School instructor is certified by the State of Nevada after completing a rigorous process, including:

  • Certificate of Employment must be completed in full and signed by the applicant and a principal of the business.
  • Personal History Questionnaire completed in full.
  • Applicant photograph
  • Fingerprinting – applicants must be fingerprinted by an authorized DMV representative or a law enforcement agency.
  • Driving school instructor disclaimer completed and signed by applicant.
  • A resume that summarizes the applicant’s education, experience, certification as an instructor and fitness for the position.
  • Proof that the applicant possesses a valid driver’s license issued by the stateo of Nevada. Behind-the-wheel instructor must submit evidence that he/she has possessed, for at least 5 years, a driver’s license of the classification necessary for the type of vehicle in which he/she will be giving instruction. Has no more than two (2) moving traffic violations in past 24 months, has not been suspended or revoked within the past three (3) years and has no convictions involving alcohol or controlled substances within the past three (3) years.
  • Pass a written examination administered by the Nevada DMV, with a score of at least 80%.
  • Behind-the-wheel instructor must also pass a practical demonstration of driving ability with a score of at least 80%. The driving skills test is administered by the Nevada DMV.
  • Education requirements: proof of a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Source: Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (

Meet Our Driving Instructors

Joseph M.

Joseph is a retired Sheriff’s Deputy and Training Officer. He specialized in traffic investigation and was awarded numerous accommodations. After retiring he became a security supervisor for corporate executives and nightclubs in NY. He enjoys martial arts and has a black belt. Joseph enjoys golfing and bowling.

Richard Thomas Dorsey

Richard is a native of Tacoma, Washington, has also lived in Pittsburgh, Germany, and Colorado, and now lives in Las Vegas. His law enforcement career was from 1997 to 2018 at the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, retiring as a Deputy Sheriff.

Richard Herold

Richard is a retired police lieutenant who served nineteen years with the Detroit Police Department. While serving as a patrol officer he was recruited to the Auto Theft / Car-Jacking section of the department, where he worked in each of the four units in that section. Richard was subsequently appointed to lead a county-wide auto theft task force under the direction of the Michigan State Police. In that capacity, he supervised, managed and cultivated officers and deputies from other law enforcement jurisdictions. After serving eight years, he was promoted to Sergeant and re-assigned to the Investigative Operations Unit of the department’s sixth precinct. Richard eventually made his way back to patrol where he managed precinct operations as well as training and management for the patrol operations of 25 to 30 officers. Richard was then promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and re-assigned to manage the city’s Emergency 911 Communications Operations Center. Richard retired with a long-standing duty disability injury after 19 years of service. Richard loves people, loves to learn and loves to teach those who wish to learn. Richard has been married to his wife Tracy for 33 years. They have one daughter, a son-in-law who is a police lieutenant and two grandchildren. Richard loves scenic photography, golf and cars.

Stephani Preston Loffredo

Stephani comes from Cleveland, Ohio where she had lots of driver training during inclement weather in the sleet, snow and rain. She brings her flawless driving record to Las Vegas, where she has had continued advanced driver training. She recently retired from 24 years in law enforcement. Stephani’s career included 16 years as a mounted officer and trainer as well as special investigations and general patrol. She worked with volunteers and was a mentor in schools. Stephani also has a Master’s Degree and has taught in the classroom. She has received numerous awards and commendations for her work with children, mentoring schools, and assisting people in crisis. Stephani is very fond of animals and trains dogs for service; she also has sport horses that compete around the country. Her patience and empathy give her a good demeanor to teach driving and help students become responsible drivers.

James Goddard

James has lived in Las Vegas since 1998. He grew up in Colorado and graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in 1992 with BA degrees in Sociology/Criminal Justice and Human Rehabilitative Services. After almost 25 years in law enforcement, he retired in 2018. He enjoys spending time with his wife of 20+ years and two teenage boys. In his free time, James loves to cook, watch great movies, and read good books. He also enjoys teaching all the amazing students of Cantor’s Driving School how to become proficient and safe drivers.

Gerald Dompier

Gerald comes from a military family with a tradition of service in the United States Navy. He lived in multiple states while growing up through his father’s deployments in California, Virginia, Oregon, and Washington. Gerald’s parents and multiple extended relatives have all served in the U.S. Navy. He moved to the Las Vegas area in 1983. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy prior to graduation from high school in 1990. He served and earned service ribbons and medals for serving in Desert Shield and Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf, aboard the USS Midway CV-41. Gerald traveled all around the world while in the service from Europe to Asia.

After leaving military service, Gerald started his career in law enforcement in 1997. He served 25 years as a police officer, receiving multiple awards for service. He worked for the North Las Vegas Police Department, the Paiute Tribal Police Department, and the Clark County School District Police Department. Gerald enjoyed working the majority of his career as a high school campus police officer. Gerald was an Officer Safety Instructor for 14 years. He liked to engage and interact with the students and help keep them safe and on a path to success. Gerald has 23 years of experience working with high school students. Gerald is a person who likes to help others and welcomes the opportunity to provide a safe and secure environment for new drivers to learn. His hobbies include vacation travel, golf, bowling, and billiards.

Thomas “Tom” Miller

Tom is a retired sergeant from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. He is originally from Buffalo NY, but his family moved to Las Vegas when he was young. After graduating from the police academy and doing field training, he spent the first 10 years as a field training officer, with other positions on the criminal task force unit, bicycle patrol, and other assignments. Then he accepted a position with the Advanced Training Unit, where he learned how to evaluate and authorize lesson plans that were current and within department policy as well as state and federal law. He authored the initial lesson plans for the Taser M26/X26, and was lead instructor in training the entire department in the proper deployment and use of this tool. He was promoted to sergeant, working as a patrol sergeant, when he had the opportunity to take a field training squad and supervise the training of officers just out of the police academy, as well as the officers training them. He retired from the police department in 2015. He has enjoyed raising his children and grandchildren, and looks forward to using his teaching and mentoring skills with Cantors Driving School students.

Employment for Driving Instructors

Cantor’s Driving School is always looking for good driving instructors. Call us at 702-985-7993 to inquire about current opportunities, or send an email with your resume to